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"Stop staring at me. My body is so small compared to the sun; my heart is so small."

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Japan can actually make anything beautiful. I remember on my trip each city had it’s own design for manholes and it was so cool
Signs you are with a Virgo ♍
1. They will be constantly motioning with their hands; talking with their hands and doing repetitive motions
2. They will seem slightly tense and nervous
3. They are good listeners and even better story tellers
4. They will make notes of things .i.e plans, money owed to them etc;
5. They will prefer to be in orderly and organised surroundings
6. They are excellent in giving advice and service
7. They will know/want to know how to fix all your broken parts (accessories, appliances, heart etc;)
8. They will love to talk to you for hours
9. They can never relax
10. All their accounts are in order


A hidden garden in the rooftop of an old building at the corner of Filopoimenos and Riga Ferraiou streets in the city of Patras in Greece.

This is beautiful

 Mongolian Wolf Pup at Zoo Zurich by Peter Bolliger


when you hear someone talking bad about something you like


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